When I hired my editor, Dennis, I honestly had no clue about the mechanics of writing a book. He was recommended to me by my writing coach, Renessa. And before working with Renessa, I attended one writing course in college. I never gave writing a thought, honestly, until one day about 20 years ago when my ex-husband’s Aunt Trude asked me if I would help her write about her Holocaust memories.

To this day, I’m not even sure what prompted her to ask me, except I was a court reporter. I’m thinking she thought that since I worked with transcribing spoken words onto the page, I would be a good choice for assisting her.

Trude had remained silent for many years, never sharing her experiences during the Holocaust, but had begun to feel the need to speak her truth. She was asking me for help. Wow! I was honored and hoped I was up to the task. Continue reading here.

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